Communication design – choose your words!

We had a good giggle in the studio when this photo popped up on Facebook:


But all jokes aside, there is a serious point about this sign – and it’s in the wording. Sometimes proof-reading and checking gets put to the wayside, and the focus ends up on wholly on the design. The reality is that the content is just as important as any layout, font or colour that will ever be chosen – if not more important.

Signage is a perfect example of this – you just need to go to a website like to see what can happen with words and their sequence if they aren’t checked. While it can be funny, it can be a complete disaster too – it’s not a cheap exercise to get professional signage produced (let alone reproduced).

So check how you word something before it is produced or published, run it past a few people if you can…and make sure you don’t end up with a dog in the bin and a poo on the ground.