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Mobile Responsive Websites

There has been a steep rise in the use of mobile devices. This means that people are using their mobile phones and tablets more than ever to browse websites. Having your website set up with a mobile responsive layout means that anyone will be able to view and navigate your website easily, no matter what screen size they are using.

Why Responsive?

When viewing websites on mobile devices started to become popular, it was standard to create a completely separate “mobile sized” website. These mobile websites often had different content to the main website. In turn, this often caused a double-up of having to update the content on both the mobile website and the desktop version whenever information changed.

Now that viewing websites has become commonplace not only on phones, but tablets and other mobile devices, people expect to be able to view a complete website comfortably on any device. A responsive website allows for this to occur, by resizing to fit each screen, no matter what the size is.

No Zoom Required

When a website is truly mobile responsive, a visitor won’t need to zoom in to be able to read the content on your website. The text will already be at an easy-to-read size as soon as they open your website on their mobile device. The easier your website is to view, the more likely a visitor is to stay on there and keep reading.

Google & Responsive Websites

Google is now penalising websites which aren’t yet mobile responsive, by ranking those lower than the websites which are responsive. There is also the potential of being removed from search results on mobile devices altogether. Make sure your website is built for mobile so it won’t disappear from search results.

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