Brand Development

A brand is more than its logo – there are plenty of other visual elements that help share the story of your organisation. These can include your colour scheme, fonts, icons, illustrations, infographics, patterns, photography, design templates and more. We can support your organisation by creating a library of elements you can use to extend your brand.

Style Guide

A style guide is an important reference tool for any organisation who would like to keep their brand consistent. The document provides guidelines to follow, which include logo application, colour palette, recommended fonts and more.

Icons and Illustration

A logo identifies your organisation, while icons and illustration can extend that identity. Icons can be used to highlight your products, services and ethos. When designed to complement your brand, icons and illustrations can add value to your organisation, creating a visual theme that people can connect to and recognise.

Design Templates

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time a new piece of collateral is needed for your organisation. Having a library of design templates can be helpful in not only creating brand consistency, but also saving time when items need to be created within a tight schedule.

Asset Library

A brand can be made up of many visual assets, including but not limited to: logo files and variations, fonts, style guide, photography library, icon set, illustration library, design templates and print-ready files. We can help you set up your own asset library for your organisation.