Infographics are used to explain facts and figures in a simple and engaging way. Infographics should be designed with purpose and your brand at the forefront, to ensure they are seamless in look and meaningful in content.

Statistics and Facts

Infographics can be used to present statistics and facts with more than just numbers and text. We thoughtfully brainstorm and create images that relate to the statistics and facts, creating a visual connection before even reading the text.

Figures and graphs

Don’t feel limited by the look of graphs generated by your reporting programs – we are able to take the data and create figures and graphs that match your brand, feeling seamless in your reports and publications.

Illustration Style

The style of infographics varies from project to project. While at their core, infographics are simple and iconic, they are not always just single-colour icons. It may be full colour illustrations are what works best with your brand, or hand-drawn sketches, or 3D images, and so on.

Integration into other materials

We look at your brand and consider what will fit in with your existing materials, in both style and proportions. If there is a lot of space, detailed illustrations may work well – but in smaller spaces, simple icons may be called upon. A colour scheme is also set to ensure your infographics can be used across your organisation while looking consistent.