SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

For us, SEO (search engine optimisation) is not about generating a billion links or spamming other websites – it is all about providing great content to engage your visitors and have them coming back for more.

Our focus is organic growth – the same as how you grow a business.

Website Development

The first thing we do with any business that would like to improve their search ranking is to review their website and the way it is built, as there are are a number of elements in all websites which work towards (or against) a good search ranking. These include using relevant page titles and headings, building a sitemap, ensuring there isn’t any duplicate content and checking that the website is mobile responsive.

Content Writing

Updating content, writing a blog and sharing knowledge online all help towards a Google ranking on page 1 – and they keep your visitors coming back to your website: the most important thing of all. We can help edit existing content or write new content to help improve your search rankings. We also offer guidance on how you can update your website with SEO in mind.

Website Performance Reporting

We can compile statistics reports for your business, providing insight on how your website is performing.

The reports can be customised to highlight specific areas of interest relevant to your website and business. Some of the most popular areas covered include:

  • Visitor statistics
  • Location of visitors
  • Type of device used to view the website
  • How people reach your website (eg. search engines, typing in your URL)
  • Search terms (key words) used to find your website
  • Average time a visitor spends on your website

Due to the ever-changing requirements of SEO, it is important that your business reviews its website performance to track any changes that are occurring. These reports will allow you to make informed decisions on future website developments for your business.