Design Process

Not sure how the design process works? It isn’t as scary or complicated as you might think!

We keep it simple and get you involved in every step of the process, so your input is heard and you always know how your project is progressing.

Initial Meeting

Where possible, we organise to meet with you (whether in person or online) to discuss your design and brand requirements. During this meeting, we often ask lots of questions to learn about you and your business, as well as understand what you are wanting our support with. We may talk about your business goals and what outcomes you are looking for, or you may already have a list of items you need our skills for.

After the meeting, we write up an official design brief along with a quote, so you can be assured we have the details correct and you know what you will receive as part of your project.

Research & Concept Development

After a quote is approved, we get started on research and concept development. Depending on what the project includes, we normally design between 1-3 concepts – which will be outlined in your personalised design brief and quote.

design development

After a concept design is chosen, we develop the rest of the project – whether this is business stationery, a website, a publication or even a set of ads. Depending on the size of the project, the time required will vary (we can provide you with estimated timelines).

We also include a number of rounds of changes, giving you the opportunity to check over the details, and helping us refine the design and content for your review and approval.

Design Approval

Once the design work is finalised and approved, the project is signed off. Depending on the type of project, you may:

  • receive final artwork files
  • have the artwork sent to a printer or signwriter on your behalf
  • have your website launched

Final wrap-up

Delivery of printed goods: after artwork has been sent to the printers, we let you know an estimated timeframe for delivery. If you are local we deliver personally, if you’re a little further away we call on the courier or Australia Post.

Website how-to sessions: after a website has been launched, we regularly run personalised how-to sessions so you can learn how to update your website. We also update clients’ websites on their behalf – whichever is easier for you!

Need to come back for more?

We archive all previous projects with strict version control, so if you would like to update previous artwork (say, a business card or a brochure), it is absolutely possible. It can be as simple as a quick email or phone call to start the process anytime you need.