World’s ugliest colour?

Although the cigarette packet colour for Australia was chosen last year, I stumbled across this article again today from Brisbane Times that discussed the colour choice.

From market research and focus groups, this is colour that had the most negative effect on those who participated:


It was an interesting task for the focus group, as they are usually held to find out what colours, images and other aspects appeal to the consumer – not to find out what repulses them the most.

I find it rather amusing that our government first described the colour as “olive green”, which upset the Australian Olive Association. I personally can’t see the green in it, but that’s up to the eye of the beholder. People do see colours slightly differently – try it with teal or aqua, and ask them if it’s blue or green – you will get a large variance of answers.

However – back to the topic – do you think that “Opaque Couche” is a most disgusting colour, or are there other colours you think create as much of a negative response as this one?