Why aren’t people buying from your online store?

You’ve set up an online store, everything seems to be working…but you’re not getting sales. What’s happened?

We’ve all got stories of being had by a salesperson at some point. We then read the horror stories of shoppers buying online and not receiving what they ordered. As shoppers, we all have a little bit of fear that we’ll be giving our money away for nothing online – and this can be a huge stopping point for some stores.

How can you avoid this fear in your shoppers? Build trust.

Sure. Easy, maybe not. How?

There’s a lot of small things that you can do which build trust online:

  • Make sure to include a physical address, a contact number, an email address, social media links. The more contact details you have available for a customer, the safer they will feel knowing that they can contact you.
  • Make your pricing clear. Don’t say “starting from” and then have the customer find the price is far, far higher. You will lose their trust straight away. Try to keep pricing specific as much as possible.
  • Include photos of you and your workspace. Make it human and personalised. Customers want to know who is behind the business, and who is making the products.
  • Make sure that you are using a registered domain name, eg. businessname.com.au instead of businessname.weebly.com – you can see which one looks more professional and trustworthy.
  • Use social media. Include photos of your process, of orders you are working on, of products you are making. Use social media to interact with potential customers. You may even start to receive reviews online and that will help build trust with customers too. If they can see that others are happy with their purchases, that will build their confidence in purchasing from you too.