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Website Content & Maintenance

Don’t have enough time in a day? Adding in “updating our website” to the list of tasks can be daunting for many small businesses.

That’s where we come in handy. We can update your website with changes and write new content as often as you would like, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

An up-to-date website is good for search rankings too!

We often have clients contact us asking about how to improve their website’s search ranking on Google, and the one thing that stands out is a lack of updates and new content. This is a really common issue.

Search engines love to see websites which have new information added on a regular basis, and rewards this effort by ranking active websites ahead of those that haven’t been updated in a long time. We can help with writing and adding new content to your website to keep it up-to-date.

Need help updating your website?

If you find that you don’t have the time to update your website, don’t let it be forgotten – get us to help you instead. It’s much easier to maintain a good search ranking with an actively updated website, than it is to build it up and and let it fall (and then repeat). Potential customers also prefer seeing current information, and will be more confident to get in touch with you if your website is up-to-date.

What new content should I add?

Sometimes it can be tough to decide what new information to add to your website. Here are some suggestions:

  • Add a page on a new product or service, or go into more detail about an existing product or service.
  • Make sure your home page has current information; you may even want to start a short “newsflash” on there that is updated on a regular basis.
  • Start writing a blog. A blog is a great way of generating new content that adds value to your website, and provides visitors insight into your business. If you have particular topics you are passionate about that are relevant to your business, writing about them in your blog can be a huge boost to your website.

We can help you write the new content, and then add the pages to your website.

Ongoing Maintenance Plans or Ad-Hoc Updates

Every business has different needs, so we offer both ongoing maintenance plans and ad-hoc updates. Website maintenance plans can include pre-planned content updates over a set time. Ad-hoc updates can be sent through at any time, completed on demand. We fit in around what suits you best, to help keep your website up-to-date.

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