Unique, memorable and interactive business cards

I love business cards. I said it.

There is something fun about collecting them – maybe it’s the hangover from collecting trading cards as a kid, but in the same way it’s not about collecting just any card, it’s finding the special ones.

There are so many different types than just “matte” or “gloss”. Some designers (and their even more adventurous clients!) have developed unique, memorable and (at times) interactive cards for all types of businesses. And to be honest – I’m in awe of these following businesses who were brave enough to be a little bit different with their business cards, and I hope you’ll become just as inspired.


The Farm used a wool sample on each card – not only does it make for a very dimensional, tactile card, it’s a great way of providing a sample without the need for a separate card.

Looks like hair stylists have got it happening with their cards  – bobby pins for hair is very snazzy. The pins are reasonably cheap, and the effect they have created makes the cards very memorable.

Another stylist, Lindsey Casabella, went for a die-cut of a hairbrush. Although the card has a completely different shape, it’s still within the standard business card size which means it will fit in business card holders. Smart.

Viewzi’s card has an element of discovery: the text “Change the way you look at” isn’t visible until held up to the light.

What starts as a flat card turns into a bit of interaction to create a pop-up chair. If people have a reason to spend more than a quick scan of your card, your business is more likely to be at the forefront of a customers mind – even more so if your card can become a desk ornament!

Unique cards need to be relevant to the business they are promoting. I’ve found a lot of examples where this isn’t the case (and they didn’t make it to this article). Here’s a great example of a relevant unique shape. Kudos to the designer for creating a card where the shape speaks louder than the text on the card  – no pun intended.

Lush, who manage lawns and gardens, have turned their business cards into envelopes to hold seeds. This is almost a card-turned-present!

I adore the use of different materials for cards. And it’s also wonderful when watching others interact with the cards and “experiencing” them. Business cards can be so much more than just a piece of cardboard.

I occasionally see companies who have multiple staff as contact points struggle to present all cards in an organised system for their clients. This is one of the neatest examples I’ve found, tabs and all!

I hope you have enjoyed these examples of amazing business cards. If this has inspired any of you to rethink your next run of business cards, my advice is: make it memorable, keep it relevant, and have fun in the process!