Three businesses needing to match

Usually, businesses approach us needing one logo for a business. But this was a different situation, where multiple business logos had to be planned together.

The lovely owners of Bale Grow are mad about hay. Everything is about hay in their world…so much so, that they created two more hay-related businesses: The Hay Shed and Hay Day Events.

I love client stories, and when they told me all the things they do with hay, it’s ingenious. A lot of businesses stay as one single business with different products, but in this example they have very defined target markets for their products, and the three businesses are advertised in different places to reach those specific customers…so three businesses made more sense than one.

However, they still wanted to create a consistent look and feel across the three businesses, as they wanted people to see that the businesses were connected in some way. Through developing the designs, we came up with a circular logo, with a unique icon in each logo, representing the products of that business.

1458 BAL Hay Day Events Logo_FA balegrow-logo 1459 BAL The Hay Shed Logo_FA