Thoughtful Thursday #4

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

jeffrey zeldman

This quote sums up why “can’t you just use dummy text and we’ll come up with the content later?” isn’t an ideal way of going about a design project. From the outside, design work looks visual – and most people don’t look any deeper than what is presented as-is to them. But the thing is, when we design, the colourful or styled parts – the visual parts – are the last part we work on.

We always start with your content: how much information there is, the hierarchy of the content, and what visual supports (such as infographics or icons) are needed. The content gets laid out before the visual parts of a design project are started.

I know that sounds wild to some of you and is possibly hard to get your head around, but this is why we always ask if you have your content ready before we start. We don’t use templates – your content dictates how the design will function. Otherwise it’s not communication, it’s just decoration.