“There’s too many social media sites I need to be on!”

Hold it!

Yes, there’s an entire gamut of social media sites, but many of them have different uses, and you may find some are more relevant to you than others.

The best thing to do with social media is find 2-3 sites that will be useful in promoting your business, and then put your efforts into those alone. Very few businesspeople (and nobody we know!) have time to be updating and interacting regularly with 20 different social media profiles.

At the moment, Facebook has the most active users of all social media websites across Australia (6.6mil users checked Facebook daily in 2011, according to Gizmodo), which gives you the biggest audience for your business. It is also one of the easiest platforms to interact with your customers in a public digital space – you put up a post, “fans” of your Facebook page comment, and you can respond. If you also run a retail store or cafe, your fans can check-in on their phone to say they have visited your shop.

YouTube is the next most popular as far as the amount of visitors to the website, as well as the time spent on the website – however, it requires you to be handy with a video camera to create content to upload. YouTube works well for musicians, commentators and professional consultants.

Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ follow thereafter, all using slightly different ways of interacting with your customers.

It also comes down to which social media websites your target audience are spending most of their time on: as an example, if you create stylish homewares and your target audience likes to collect and share images of homewares they like, then Pinterest may be most suitable.

I’ve only really started to scratch the surface on social media – there are many, many more out there; some which we probably haven’t even discovered yet.

What social media websites do you use, or ones you want to know more about? If there’s any you would like us to write an article on in more detail, please let us know.