The Pitch

A TV show that talks about design and advertising? You had me at hello.

And that’s what The Pitch is. I know it’s not a “new” show; I’ve managed to see a few re-runs on SBS over the past few weeks, and it’s quite an interesting watch. It shows that the US advertising/design industry definitely isn’t anything like Australia’s industry, but the process each company takes (and the ideas that come from those processes) are intriguing to see.

It’s wonderful to see the episodes where a concept is a group effort of the whole studio, all coming together and using their strengths, but so frustrating to watch when a concept is a boss’ demand (with the expectation that their staff will make it come alive for them). I am all for combined efforts – that’s how we work here, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

The other part that intrigues me with this show is what idea the client company chooses to go with from the two that are pitched. Some clients are completely swayed by what feels like sparkles and stars, others choose the idea that aligns closest with their goals, and others choose who they feel they could work with best (but may not have had the strongest idea).

Pitching is looked down upon in Australia (as it’s ultimately doing work for free), but the process shown through the show is great to watch.