The magnet debate

Magnets on invitations – to have or not to have?

I often come across a bit of a debate between tradition and convenience when it comes to brides, grooms and their families choosing whether or not to have a magnet attached to the back of their wedding invitations.

When we get something important in the mail, we’ve all become used to instantly sticking it on the fridge (often the buzzing centre of our households!), that it’s become second-nature to us. But wedding invitations are kind of special…no, make that VERY special. Do they deserve a magnet so they can be placed with everything else on the fridge, alongside the pizza menu and the calendar from the real estate agent?

Or maybe, should wedding invitations be kept sans-magnet so they can be looked after and cherished, and not be a part of the everyday stuff that ends up on the fridge?

I think magnets are perfect for parties that are casual and often with short notice – such as kids parties, barbeques and work functions. For me, wedding invitations are often so beautiful that I reckon they are best without magnets, where they will be placed somewhere important and safe until the big day…and then perhaps put away as a keepsake from the wedding (you might be surprised to find how many of your guests will keep your invitation).

Remember that your wedding is a once-off party that won’t be forgotten anytime soon…so you can keep the fridge for the things you might forget, like your appointment with the dentist next week!