Stamps vs Stickers vs Direct Printing

When it comes to branding products, there’s a lot of options out there. I’m going to explain three ways that can be used, especially for small businesses.

Direct Printing

The most traditional way to brand products is to print straight onto the packaging – but this is also the most expensive, so I see a lot of business owners get put off. It ties them down to a specific size of packaging, and there’s usually minimum print runs required. For those who are craftspeople and small businesses, full packaging printing can seem really daunting…but there are other options.

IBS stickersStickers

Sometimes packaging might be in plastic or cardboard but direct printing isn’t suitable – this is where stickers can be a great way of adding colour and branding. Stickers come in any size or shape you can imagine, and they can be standard colours or even metallic for a special finish. Here’s one of our client’s products branded with stickers – Inspired By Spice.


TWC stampStamps

If the packaging used is porous, such as fabric or uncoated cardboard, stamps can be another way to brand your products. Stamps are generally one colour, although you can buy any coloured ink you wish (or get creative and mix inks together for some pretty cool effects!). They are also a little limited with details, but can work incredibly for line drawings or logos. We designed a coffee cup stamp for our client The Winey Cow.

Photo credits to Inspired By Spice and The Winey Cow.