Sourcing colour inspiration for your wedding

Choosing a colour scheme seems to be one of the most stressful parts of organising a wedding.

Maybe it’s because it’s one of the first things that many brides lock in, or maybe it’s because a lot of items often rely on the colour scheme. I get it, as I went through the same stresses even organising my own wedding, and I work with building colour schemes for clients on a daily basis!

A colour scheme doesn’t have to be a rainbow. Two or three colours are ample, or shades of one colour. But on the same hand, don’t be shy…a wedding doesn’t have to be just white!

Here’s a few places I found inspiration from, which I now recommend to all brides who feel a little “stuck” when looking for colours:


I recommend looking at colour schemes after booking your venue. Why? Because it is one of the easiest places to start for colour inspiration. Treat it like the canvas of your wedding, and your personal touches will be the paint added to the canvas.

Is your venue modern, sleek, rustic or heritage? Some venues will look amazing with whites and pastels, whereas others need bold colours. And don’t be concerned if your venue is modern with only black and white – you can be daring and add a bright colour in…you might be surprised how much excitement a little colour can add.


Do you have a favourite type of flower that isn’t white? If you do, look to that for inspiration. Flowers can make beautiful colour schemes, as you can choose dress colours to match, and create table centrepieces with the flowers as well.


It never hurts to look in a boutique paper shop (eg. visit our shop!) and see what they stock. A lot of papers use 2-3 colours that could work well for your wedding…and then you have also found the basis for your wedding invitations too!

Your own favourite colours

Don’t forget to check in with your own favourite colours too. If you and your partner have a special connection to a colour, see if you can make a colour scheme from it. With the amount of preparation that goes into a wedding, it’s always good to choose a colour you love…it makes it a lot easier to work with when you could be referring to it for many months ahead!

Paint colour chips

Have you gone into a paint or hardware store lately, and seen the colour sample walls? These can be fantastic for checking a few colours against each other. If you don’t have other colour samples lying around, colour walls are a great place to collect some colours to see what works together.

Most of all – enjoy the colour search. Be proud of the colours you choose and I hope you have a ball planning your wedding in colour!