Should my business have multiple websites?

For businesses who have a variety of offerings, we are often asked if they should have a website for each part of their business.

If we are talking very different businesses that play no part together – then yes, separate websites make sense. However, if they are related products or services, there is often a lot of benefit in keeping everything in the one place.

Website Management

The obvious part is website management. As a business owner, if you have one central place to log into, one central place to update, it can feel a lot less daunting than having 2 or 3 websites to maintain.


By placing products and services on separate websites can also create a lost opportunity; a potential customer may not get to see something worthwhile to them that you offer if it’s on another website. Ideally, you want to be capturing the attention of a potential customer as soon as they reach your first website, rather than redirecting them to another website where they can begin to lose interest. You have to make navigation easy for your customers.


Another aspect to consider is SEO. One of the things that search engines want to see is lots of informative content, updated regularly. Adding content to one website gives all of the “points” to that website. If you have 2-3 websites, then those points are split across those websites, which is ultimately more work for you.

Even if you think your offerings are too different to be placed together, we can always workshop it and see how they can work in the one website. You might be surprised how it can work.