Same design, different applications

In food packaging design, products are sometimes sold in various sizes. Compared to clothing where the size can simply be changed on the tag, packaging design is a little more extensive.

In packaging design, the size of the contents defines the outside packaging shape and size. Sometimes this can be a change between a box and a bag. Other times, it’s just a range of the same boxes/bags in different sizes.

In this example we designed, Sam’s Quark comes in 275g and 600g. One is a shrink-wrap packet containing round cheese, the other is a container with a rectangle block of cheese. The design had to include the same amount of information, even though the space is far more limited in a circle.

Working within a circle has its challenges, such as making a barcode look like it belongs, and aligning tables within the space. We actually enjoy the challenge; just a bit of visual problem solving!