Rebrand: Innerspirit Property Styling

Some rebranding projects we do are from scratch. Others, like Innerspirit, we joined in halfway.

The ladies at Innerspirit Property Styling had tried their hand at an online logo service, but were stuck. They weren’t 100% happy with what they could create in the limitations of the program. They sent us what they had so far – their biggest concern was the fonts. They couldn’t find a combination of fonts that worked, and started trying things such as spacing out the letters, which also wasn’t working out.

Our changes, as you can see above, are minimal. The client was happy with the layout and icon already, it was only the wording that needed improvements. With a few considered font choices, we fixed the balance of the words, as well as giving the logo a more polished feel.

Often with rebranding, it’s not about recreating the wheel – it’s improving what you already have. And sometimes, it can be the smallest of changes that can make the biggest impact.

We look at every detail. We love every detail – and that’s what creates strong brands for businesses. It’s in those little details you might not notice. The trick is that the consumer doesn’t notice them, that they feel positive and confident when they see your business. And that’s where we come in and work our magic.