Questions we get asked, and statements we hear: Part 2

Here’s the continuation of our post earlier this week!


Please send me the artwork in Word
so I can make some changes to it.

By normal practice, artwork is not created in Word – with the one exception of letterhead templates for clients to use. If you have changes that need to be made to the artwork, it’s usually best to print out the artwork and write in the changes and then discuss them.


Let’s do the changes now – your computer is already on,
and I get to watch how you work.

As above, we find it’s better to write down the changes (away from the computer), discuss them and then hop onto the computer to complete the changes. If you start by getting on the computer and making changes ad-hoc, it often takes much longer because decisions haven’t been made and have to be thought about as you go – and in the end, this can cost a fortune for something that should only incur a minor fee.


Please design it in black & white
because it’s cheaper to print.

You might get to save a few dollars, but colour printing is priced quite competitively these days. Colour not only improves the visual appeal of a document or publication, but can also help communicate ideas across without the use of words. Never underestimate the power of colour!


My printer/signwriter has asked for a

  • PDF
  • EPS, or
  • AI file…


Don’t stress – if you’re ever asked for an artwork file you don’t know, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help. What might be causing you hours of stress we might be able to fix in a matter of minutes.


I’ve got an idea!
Can you make it?

Of course! We love when clients have started to think about what they’d like to achieve. This doesn’t mean having a design all planned out, it just may be a thought of something you want to promote, a heading, pictures you want to use, and so on – and that’s okay. Not all projects are started entirely from scratch and it’s exciting when a client is as motivated about design as we are!