Questions we get asked, and statements we hear: Part 1

We get asked a lot of questions, so we thought we might compile some of the most asked questions we hear with some explanations and help to go along with them. This is part one; we’ll post part two later this week!


What is Malvolio?

This is probably the most asked question we hear. It is a rather unique name, and we’re lucky that it’s got a story behind it. The name has a personal connection to our childhood, but many know Malvolio as the character from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. However, closer to home, Malvolio was also the 1891 Melbourne Cup winning racehorse in Caulfield.


My niece/family friend/a student I know
said they can do it for free.

While it is a kind gesture that you know someone who can do something for you for free, you need to think about whether it will be a good business decision. Being “free” can mean that the proper research isn’t completed, the project may not be completed in an adequate timeframe (it may only be done in the person’s free time), which can lead to the outcome not being professional (or in some cases, not completed at all).


I found this picture on Google
that I want you to use.

All the images you find on Google search are owned by the website that comes up in the search – so sadly, you’re not allowed to use them just because you found it. If it’s a picture you’re very fond of, you may be able to ask the website owner for permission to use it, but it’s always best to purchase images through stock photo libraries or have your own photos taken. The other issue with photos found online is that they are usually too small to use in print.


Can’t you just Photoshop it?

Photoshop is a program, not a verb! It never ceases to amaze us how people talk about Photoshop as if it were akin to eating, running and drawing.


My computer is broken.
Can you fix it?

While us designers use computers every day, we’re not computer engineers. We can help you with your website not working correctly, or editing your email options, but not if your computer hardware has stopped working (eg. your screen or your hard drive). In those cases it’s best to talk to your local computer shop for help – or we can refer you to a computer specialist who can make it work again!