Publication Design in 2019

Publication design in 2019 has included small brochures, through to 80+ page books.

I’ve never been able to put my finger on what the appeal of publication design is, but it’s something we love working on. Maybe it’s the process; maybe it’s the fact that everything has to be so orderly for a publication to work. Or maybe it’s the tangible, physical product at the end. Maybe it’s all of those combined.

Whatever it is, publications are a lovely thing to design. In 2019 we created a number of publications based on training documentation – making them visual and easy to understand was a great challenge. We then developed a range of icons to make a report of facts eye-catching for another client. Our largest publication for the year was the book “Entrepreneurs Generations Apart”, by Celebrate Living History. A long book of over 60 interviews with entrepreneurs worldwide, young and old.

Here are snippets of publications we designed in 2019.