The Winey Cow


We illustrated a group of cows for The Winey Cow in Mornington, who make appearances on their posters for the occasional special event.

With the name “The Winey Cow” for a cafe, the owners have a great sense of humour and this gave us a lot of freedom to be a bit cheeky and have some fun with drawing. The first event was the AFL Grand Final, which the cows were originally made for. The funniest part of this project was that the illustration was done a month out from the grand final – and who ended up playing that day? Sydney and Hawthorn. It was a perfect accidental guess.

The second event was a Mexican food and cocktails night – so the cows got dressed up for the occasion, ditched the wine (just for one night) and took up some maracas instead. Who knows what their next dress-up day will be?!

Illustrated Poster Design
Illustrated Poster Design