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No Lights No Lycra

No Lights No Lycra is a global dance movement, where people dance care-free in the dark. The movement started in Melbourne, back in 2009.

Their website is an ever-evolving and active hub of information on all of the NLNL sessions worldwide. We began our journey with No Lights No Lycra many years ago, building complex forms for their website to handle applications, attendance, the sale of tickets and general enquiries.

The majority of their forms request a lot of information, so they have had to be designed to be easy to complete. This includes using conditional logic, where only relevant questions appear on the screen, based on answers to previous questions. The original form might look like a complicated maze, but what the user sees is straightforward and directs them through filling it out.

Most recently, we redesigned the NLNL website with an entire new layout, and each section of the website was redesigned with both visual appeal and function in mind. A partnering website was also built, the NLNL Education Hub. Designed for highschool students, giving them the tools and support to run their own No Lights No Lycra sessions. This website is run on a membership system, which also controls member-only content.