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Celebrate Living History

Celebrate Living History is a hub of stories, bringing history to life across the generations.

Bev from Celebrate Living History came to us with big ideas for a website for her project, starting all the way back in 2013, and we were very excited to work with her to make it happen.

The website in 2013 was set up to appeal to seniors, and enable them to share their stories. This brought some design challenges, including contrast of colours and large text to allow visitors to comfortably navigate and interact with the website.

As Celebrate Living History evolved over the years, Bev noticed that the stories from seniors were rolling in – they all love to share the gems of their lives over a cuppa – but the visitors to the website were younger generations. Younger visitors were coming to the website for inspiration, research, and their own opportunities to interview and write articles. The audience had grown from Victoria to world-wide as well.

With such an abundance of content, the new website has feature sections of articles. There is also a submission form for stories, and an interactive map of stories worldwide.

The website regularly has new features added as the Celebrate Living History project grows and evolves.