Positioning vs. Prospecting

How do you define your sales at the moment – do they come to you, or do you have to hunt them down?

This is the difference between positioning versus prospecting.


“If you’re spending valuable time prospecting for new customers, it’s probably a good time to step back and have a look at how your business is presenting itself when you’re not there to talk about it.

If you have a website, check that the first page explains what you do, where you are and who you are clearly. Make sure that any advertising presents your goods and services in their best light, and especially if you have services, that they are easy to understand.

Check that your brochures and other printed material look new and fresh. If they’re beginning to look outdated (even if the information hasn’t changed), it’s time to get a redesign.

Also make sure any photos you are using are taken by a professional. The difference of quality between amateur and professional photography is often worlds apart, and if you want people to come to you, the business should be looking it’s best in person and in print!

And especially: make sure your branding is consistent across everything. Keep your business feeling familiar, so when that new customer walks through the door they feel like they already know about you and are ready to continue the conversation.