Peace, Love and Pawprints: Logo Design

57 dogs, 30-something sheep, 15 cats, 9 chickens, 7 birds, 6 alpacas, 5 cows, 3 horses, 2 lizards, 2 bulls, 2 roosters, 1 goat, 1 pony, 1 snake…and $1,033 raised for Pets Haven Animal Shelter.

A photographer who loves taking photos of animals wanted to donate to a worthy animal charity – and so Peace, Love and Pawprints was born. It was requested for the logo to be a visual bridge between the photographer’s business identity and the Peace, Love and Pawprints project. To achieve this, their company colours were brought across, while the symbols in the logo give the project its own personality.

The logo was utilised to brand the Facebook page, photo certificates, stickers and gift vouchers.