Our ethos is “kindness first”

Over the past 20 years in the design industry, I have seen projects of all types, met clients of all types, and been in workplaces of all types. I have watched how people’s driving force can be either positive or negative (determined to make thoughtful change and help others versus being driven by volume or greed).

I’ve also seen where the final product of a design project is the only thing that matters, to the detriment of the journey that both the client and designer takes to get there. All of us who work here share similar experiences; these little things have brought us collectively to where we are today.

Our ethos is “kindness first” – to our clients, our staff, our suppliers and our community. That’s where we start.

We are about the design process, not just rushing to the end result. We are about supporting others, wherever they are from. We are about bringing the best out of people, and sharing what makes them unique. We are driven by kindness first, and everything else flows from there.