Our advice to work experience students

We get so many requests from students for work experience, and we feel bad because we can’t offer many spots each year. But there are some ways that you can improve your chance of your request, and help us work out if we can help you with a work experience spot!

One thing we find is when a student calls or emails about work experience, they usually say what school they are from, and what week they would like a placement. And because we’re a business that requires specialised skills, we need to know more about a student. As an example – a student who wants to become a mechanic or hairdresser would be wasting their time and be very bored spending a week with us!

The other thing is that when we do provide a placement, we offer design projects to do during the week – not big ones, just something to give a student a taste of graphic design and the industry. We occasionally are asked if we could just provide admin tasks to students who are desperate for somewhere to do work experience, but we just wouldn’t have enough for them to do.

But what we do want to hear about from potential work experience students is what they love about graphic design – do they like advertising, do they like posters, do they like illustration? And we especially love seeing art and design projects from school, or even ones completed in their spare time.

We prefer to give placements to students who are dedicated to design and would really like to see if they want to make it a career, as there aren’t many studios out there who do offer work experience placements. And while we can’t offer placements all the time, we would love to for those who really want to be a part of the industry in the future.