Mobile responsive websites

One aspect of webdesign that people are asking us about more and more is mobile responsive websites, so I thought I’d do a bit of an introduction on the what, why and how.


Now that most of the world seem to spend a lot of their time using their mobile phones for more than just making calls, websites are often looked at on those tiny little devices. I won’t deny that it’s super-convenient while you’re out to look up a business on your phone – it might be as simple as checking out their opening hours. It’s even more handy when the website is set up to be easy to view and navigate on a mobile.

When viewing websites became a thing to do on mobiles, it was standard to create a completely separate “mobile sized” website. These mobile websites often had different content to the main website, and often caused a double-up of having to update the content on both websites whenever information changed.

But HTML and CSS (the coding used for websites) has come a long way, and now it’s possible to create one website that morphs and resizes to suit the screen it’s being viewed on – and this is what is meant if you ever hear someone throwing the phrase mobile responsive into a conversation.

We are continually building websites with mobile responsiveness now, as well as converting existing websites to becoming mobile responsive. It’s a very important thing to note – you usually do not need a whole new website layout for it to become mobile responsive. So you can keep the website you love, but make it accessible for everyone, no matter what type of device they are viewing it from. Technology advances are amazing and wonderful in one!