Melbourne, we are out of lockdown!

Melbourne, we are finally out of lockdown! This week has been a little crazy helping a lot of you get some last minute pieces done in time for your reopenings (website updates, flyers, forms and more!), but we are so excited that many of you get to finally be back in your happy places, doing what you love.

Aside from the mayhem of this week, we have been working with a number of our clients “behind the scenes” during lockdown to help them come back bigger and better than ever – and it’s been really lovely to be a part of that journey, especially during such an uncertain time. You are all superstars with thinking of new ways to leverage your skills and offerings in your businesses.

However, we know it’s not all “back to normal” yet; our hearts are still with those of you who run indoor businesses who aren’t yet able to open. We hope that your turn is coming very soon.

Be kind to everyone you pass, be patient as you venture out to your favourite businesses you’ve missed so much; while there is a lot of joy this week from a customer perspective, most business owners are trying to understand and plan for what a “new normal” will look like. It will take time, but they all appreciate your kindness and support – as we do, too.