Mailchimp Newsletter Design: Western Port Biosphere

If you have information you want to share with your customers/clients/contacts regularly, one way to do this is via email. One system that is quite popular among our clients is Mailchimp, who use it in various ways to keep in touch with their base.

Western Port Biosphere use it for their Connector Newsletter, a quarterly newsletter of articles about our local biosphere reserve and beyond. We set up a newsletter template for them in Mailchimp, which they access and edit for each newsletter issue. The template includes all formatting and colours, so all they have to do is put the text and images in – rather than worrying about trying to figure out a font name or a colour code!

To keep their newsletter email from being too long, they place the full articles onto their website, and then link those in the email after a short introduction.

On a side note – this is also beneficial for SEO as the articles on the website count towards search rankings – one for relevant content, and one for regularly keeping their website updated.