Looking for a colour beyond your printer?

The dilemma of standard printing is that you’re limited to CMYK. But what if you want a colour that’s brighter than what CMYK offers?

That’s where Pantone inks come in handy! While they are more expensive to print with, if you are after a colour that can’t be made with CMYK (the inks your home/office printer use, and most professional digital printers use) this can be the answer.

We recently had a client approach us, wanting neon green in their branding. Neon green isn’t possible to print in CMYK (it turns out a murky green), so we selected Pantone 802C. This green is so bright it almost glows on paper.

The other benefit of selecting Pantone colours for your branding is colour matching – this benefits even standard colours. This means when you go to get anything made – whether it be printing brochures, embroidery on uniforms, signwriting on your vehicle – the colours can be matched for consistency. Digital printing can vary in colour from printer to printer, so selecting Pantone colours can minimise discrepancies in colour. You don’t always have to print using Pantone inks (depending on the colour), but it’s a great reference for getting the colour right.