Kids learning code

One thing I love seeing is the opportunity kids have today: we have come so far with coding over the past 20 years.

When I was growing up (see my previous post), it was up to me to do my own learning. I could only learn what I found in my own free time, as it wasn’t a focus at school. Now there are coding clubs run across Australia, teaching kids how to use code in all sorts of ways. Not just webdesign, but game design, animation, program design and more.

Why do I think kids learning code is so important?

Coding is all about problem solving. You might be creating a website to share information, or developing a game to teach people a new skill. But the problem solving runs deeper. When coding, sometimes things don’t work as expected. You learn so much through testing and redeveloping. Even just working through some code to find an error, and learning the most efficient way to analyse the code.

Problem solving teaches kids to be detail oriented, patient and be able to think on their feet. And if they’re learning it while they are having fun, then they usually won’t feel like they are learning (in a good way).

Coding also gives a lot of kids a new space for creativity. Not every kid is set to become an artist, but there are many more ways to be creative – and coding opens up a whole world for it. Coding gives the framework to create new inventions, new ways of presenting information, new ways of interacting. And when it’s kids at the helm, there are no limits.

I am really looking forward to the future, and what the next generations create with code.