• Our Process

    Not sure how the design process works? You can read about the steps involved in design projects here.

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  • Publications

    We pride ourselves on our publication design work. What may seem like a daunting process to some, we work on publications with ease – whether it’s a small 10-page document or a 150+ page book. Our design knowledge and project management processes ensure an efficient and stress-free experience for clients during publication design projects.

    Layout & Cover Design

    Whether your organisation has a style guide that must be adhered to, or are starting a design from scratch, we develop cover designs and publication layouts to suit the content and be relevant to the potential reader.

    Images & Graphs

    Publications can look bland with big blocks of text; images and graphs can help provide visual breaks, especially in extensive publications. We are able to manage image libraries, fill in gaps with relevant stock images, and design graphs and other visual interpretations of information to make your publication interesting and informative.

    Proofing & Changes

    Changes to content are inevitable; the larger the publication, the more likely it is to require changes within the pages. We set up a timeline for proofing and changes prior to starting the project, with the aim of giving the client enough time to circulate the publication within their organisation for each round of changes. We also undertake an internal spellchecking and grammar review during the design process; we make notes of anything we think may be incorrect and let the client know.


    Before we start a publication design project, we will discuss the timeline and set a calendar of dates to ensure both the client and us stay on top of deadlines for supplying content, design drafts, changes, final artwork and production.