Graphic Design for a Food Supplier

We have clients across a broad range of industries, and each industry uses graphic design in different ways. Design can be much more than just your logo and business stationery.

An example I’ll use is our client Harigon Gourmet Foods. As a supplier to supermarkets, butchers and other food stores, packaging and shelf presence have high priority. As their products are quite specialised, making the contents easy to identify at a quick glance has been important too.

Due to the different types of products, different packaging solutions have been designed. These include:

  • Complete packaging, where the entire box or pouch is designed.
  • Full colour labels, unique to each product.
  • Generic labels, where product details can be added as an overprint.

For promoting the products, we have designed various posters and information flyers. A recent project was to design a promotional table for in-store taste tests of their products.

Graphic design can be used by businesses in many different ways. How does your business use design to improve your sales?