Google pays homage to origami

Like most of us, I use search engines…a lot. I think it’s gotten to the point where sometimes I’m not even aware I’m “searching”, it’s just an automatic action when looking for information.

I don’t pay too much attention to search engine websites – after all, they need to be simple. But I never tire of Google changing their logo to pay homage to something special from time to time.

Today’s Google logo stood out to me, enough to write an entry: origami.

This logo is a celebration of Akira Yoshizawa, referred to as the “grand master of origami”. He didn’t just fold paper planes and party hats, but all sorts of intricate creatures and objects; almost sculptural. Paper is an amazing material to work with, and not necessarily the easiest – but he really showed you can do beautiful dimensional artwork starting with a flat sheet.

Google change their logo quite often for various celebrations. Which has been your favourite Google logo?