Expanding a website

Orbit Plumbing is a local plumber in Somerville, who started with a small 5-page website. Their website has now evolved into something much bigger!

Orbit Plumbing first started by just wanting an online presence, which is a regular request from tradespeople…but while a one-page website is great for contact details, it doesn’t cut it when it comes to being ranked in search engines. So we built a small 5-page website as a starting point for them.

After a few months, they wanted to work on SEO, making their website show up higher for local plumbing searches. Because the website was set up for growth, adding new pages and new content was an easy task – so the time could be spent on writing good content, instead of being concerned about how to expand the website.


Then Orbit Plumbing opened up a new arm of their business: Orbit Plumbing Products Online, which is an online store selling plumbing products and the opportunity to book installation with those products. The online store was easily added onto the existing website, following the same layout with some new features and customisation added in.

So they started with 5 pages, and now have a website with over 200 pages of services and products which is constantly updated. It’s been amazing to watch the growth of their now not-so-small (but still local) business!