Do I need a map?

Maps included in invitations can look beautiful, but are they necessary?

Some weddings definitely need maps, whereas others don’t need them but like to have them as they can be quite decorative.

However – maybe this is my graphic design background talking, but a map is there to explain where your guests need to go, not just be a pretty pictorial of where they will end up on the day!

Some suggestions on when it’s a good idea to include a map in your invitation suite:

  • When you have a substantial amount of guests coming from a distance (eg. interstate or overseas)
  • When your venue is hidden away and can be difficult to pinpoint on a GPS
  • When your venue is within another venue (eg. having your ceremony in gardens at a winery, and then your reception in a building on the same land)

If your budget doesn’t stretch to cover a map design (as they are often custom hand-drawn illustrations), a “directions” card is another alternative. This can help provide landmarks and step-by-step directions if your venue may be hard to find.