Why I don’t design “printables”

From time to time, I get requests to design files which people can print themselves – usually on their home printers, with the aim of saving some money.

Maybe I’m a bit fussy…yes I’ll admit, I am fussy when it comes to quality. I believe that the choice of paper or card that you print on, along with what type of printer you use, will make all the difference to any piece of design or artwork. What looks good on screen doesn’t mean a thing if it’s not printed well.

The other trap I’ve seen people fall into is when they do try to print something themselves, whether at a local copy/print shop or at home, and they aren’t happy with how it turns out…then they come in and get us to print it properly for them anyway. I have especially seen this happen with wedding invitations, and the double-cost always breaks my heart.

I always recommend getting artwork printed professionally the first time, as it makes all the difference and can save a lot of stress and disappointment. While it might seem like the expensive option at the time, it often ends up being the cheaper option if at-home efforts don’t turn out well!