Design is for communication, not decoration

We are not decorators,
we are communicators.

Even on the smallest of projects, there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes that clients (and their customers) often don’t have the opportunity to see. We never start a project with the idea of simply making something look trendy or appealing – instead, the most important thing is highlighting what you want to communicate. That comes first.

This could be your contact details on a business card; how to make a booking on a poster; making your brand memorable on social media; your product name in an ad.

Once we have that goal planned out, then we work on how it looks visually – to be on brand, to capture the attention your potential customers, to be easy to read at a quick glance.

The design work we do has far greater placing on the thought process, rather than the final visuals you see. It’s that “hidden work” that makes design meaningful, attention-grabbing and connects with those who matter most to you. It changes design into an investment for your business communications, rather than being seen as a decoration service.

We aren’t here to decorate, we are here to communicate.