Brand redesigns can be simple

When it comes to redesigning a brand, we have found many clients have big ideas to completely reinvent their businesses. However, simple changes can have as big of an effect.

When you plan a brand redesign for your business, consider what aspects need to stay. “Starting over” isn’t always a smart move. If you’re planning on keeping your existing customer base, make sure there’s a link to your history so your customers aren’t alienated. In the same way we assume a person’s personality based on what they wear, a business’ personality is assumed in the same way by the look of their logo and brand.

Sometimes, not much needs to change. The logo might still be meaningful, but the colours might need a refresh. This is exactly the situation that happened for Views Cape Schanck. They first thought they had to reinvent the wheel with their brand. After revisiting their business plans, they realised that it wasn’t a full logo that needed to be changed – but it was mainly the colours that needed to change.

Below are the before (pink and black) and after (blue and gold). The V was so memorable we didn’t need to adjust it. But changing the colours completely changed the look and feel of the business. Sometimes simple changes are all your business needs.