Creating visual solutions

There have been times that people have assumed that as graphic designers, our job is to just make things look pretty. Although making any visual communication look appealing for its purpose is a priority, the strategy and reasons behind the design are far more important.

It’s taken me a long time to find the words to explain what we really do – it’s not just making logos, or improving a businesses revenue by putting an advertising campaign in place.

We create visual solutions to problems encountered.

The final product is almost always visual in some respect, but all jobs have come out of a need. It’s not always an obvious “image” like a logo for a business either – one example was for a promotions company who found they had no way of showing their clients what their embroidered shirts would look like until after production. It had never crossed their mind to do a shirt template – so one was created where they could change the colour of each shirt and add the logos in.

The job of making our clients’ lives easier through creating visual solutions is very rewarding – even when it’s items that people don’t even realised are designed by someone.