COVID-19: what to do with your time?

What a strange time we are living in – a pandemic, something that happens once a century.

Some of our clients are still going okay, but for many, they have had to wind down or temporarily close their businesses. We’ve had clients who have had to cancel or postpone events, too. The stress of losing income is really scary – but also trying to be remembered even while being closed. What do you do without money to spend?

You make the most of that time you would have been spending working in your business, working on your business. If you’re not completely tied down to entertaining kids who are home from school, this is the time to look at your online presence.

When was the last time you reviewed your website? If you haven’t had a chance recently, make time now to go through each page and update them. You might even have new products or services to add that you’ve been too busy to do – until now.

Have you got an online store? You could add descriptions to each product, helping your search engine rankings (SEO).

Have you got a blog? Don’t just use this time to add one blog entry – write as many as you can, so you can post them in the future when you’re too busy to write again (it will happen).

Have you got a Google Business listing? Look it up and check that it’s up to date. Google keep adding new fields to the listings, so it’s a good idea to log in and check if you have added everything you can – including photos.

How’s your social media going? Social media is your friend during a closure. Even if you are stuck at home, your knowledge about your industry and business is not forgotten. Record some videos, add photos, share previous reviews, share your favourite work memories. Show people that you are still indeed here and aren’t going anywhere.

Although some days feel like they drag on forever, the pandemic is temporary. This will not be forever. And you might not be feeling the most productive during such an awful time of uncertainty,  but even if you write a list and do a task here and there – every little bit counts.