Content is king when it comes to SEO

More than ever, we are having clients asking how they can get a higher ranking in search engines (primarily Google).

While there are a lot of things you can do for helping a website’s ranking or SEO (search engine optimisation), none of them will be as helpful as good, authoritative content. Gone are the days where putting heaps of keywords somewhere on the page will push you up the list…nor getting backlinks from hundreds of other websites.

The other thing is that words are good – but just by using the key phrase you want to rank for on your page or in your heading isn’t enough. It needs to be followed through with real, human written information. The Google bots have gotten very clever at knowing when something is fake, and they do punish websites harshly – whether being demoted down the rankings or being removed from search results completely.

It might take time to build up relevant content for your website, but it’s worth it. Most websites these days do have access to be edited easily, or to add blog entries, news or articles to – so make sure to use them to their full advantage.

One of the tips we give our clients is to write up information they would like to put on their website into Word documents – could be updates, good news stories, reviews…whatever is relevant to their industry and what their customers are looking for. Then when something is ready, it can be published on the website. It also helps those who are a little busier to create a collection of entries (usually for blogs), and then put them online throughout the year – and if they’re busy at the time, they don’t have to spend time trying to write on the spot when they’re occupied with running their business.

Content is king!