Commercial illustration: character design

A lot of my illustration time is spent on our stationery line, but sometimes I also get to work on commercial illustration projects, which are just as fun as they are rewarding.

One client I have done quite a lot of illustration for is The Winey Cow, in Mornington. We decided to play on their name, and create a collection of cows who could be dressed up to suit any occasion. These cows venture out onto posters to help promote events at their venue.

It is amazing to create characters, and get to come up with new expressions, outfits and backdrops for them. Hoping to one day do a kids book for the same reason – I adore character design. But in the meantime, these cows are very entertaining and I always have a giggle when a new brief comes through, as I never know how I’ll be dressing them up next. It’s like visiting a costume shop every time, but with pen and paper instead!

twc-03   twc-01