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Pronoun Pins for A Gender Agenda

We get quite a few unique requests for projects, that aren’t quite our usual corporate/business type. The pronoun pins for A Gender Agenda fall into this realm.

They had a major event coming up that they wanted to create the pins for. The brief included:

  • to make the pins no more than 3cm wide;
  • use colours from their new branding;
  • ensure there was no gender stereotyping, ie. no blue for “he”.

We had free reign on the shape, and tried a number of designs. The parallelogram came out as the winner.



The pins became so popular that we were requested to build an online order form for them. The first batch sold out within a few weeks!

Same design, different applications

In food packaging design, products are sometimes sold in various sizes. Compared to clothing where the size can simply be changed on the tag, packaging design is a little more extensive.

In packaging design, the size of the contents defines the outside packaging shape and size. Sometimes this can be a change between a box and a bag. Other times, it’s just a range of the same boxes/bags in different sizes.

In this example we designed, Sam’s Quark comes in 275g and 600g. One is a shrink-wrap packet containing round cheese, the other is a container with a rectangle block of cheese. The design had to include the same amount of information, even though the space is far more limited in a circle.

Working within a circle has its challenges, such as making a barcode look like it belongs, and aligning tables within the space. We actually enjoy the challenge; just a bit of visual problem solving!


Swing Tag Design

Swing tags (or price tags) are a necessary for clothing and other merchandise. Sometimes they can be really plain – simply a card with stickers on it. But sometimes, if the budget permits, you can have a lot of fun with designing swing tags.

Two examples we’ve designed are for Wild Warriors and Somerville Myotherapy & Pilates Studio. Rectangle is a very popular shape for swing tags, and while SMAPS went for rectangle, it was the design that’s different. Generally, the back is left plain for a price sticker, but in this situation we were able to design it. So no matter what side the tag flips to, it catches your eye.

Wild Warriors went for a fancy option: not only are the tags round, but they have spot varnish on them to highlight the second W in the logo, instead of using colour. It gives the tags a different tactile feel too.

When you have swing tags to get designed, don’t be shy to think outside the standard expectation. You have the possibility to make them memorable in simple but clever ways.

Flags in Frankston

There is nothing like seeing our work out and about – we still get a buzz from it, no matter how many years we’ve been doing this for! We spotted the flags we designed for Pets’ Day Out in Frankston today. The event is coming up in a few weeks, on October 14.


Flag Design Frankston

New website design for Westernport Chamber of Commerce

Nearly 10 years ago, Sarah was the promotions co-ordinator at the Westernport Chamber of Commerce. So it’s really lovely to be back to work on a design project for them.

We were asked to design a new logo, and redesign their website. The request for the logo was to ensure it included a pelican. After a number of pelican designs were considered, this was the one who made the cut.

Website Design Hastings

The website features fresh brand colours, moving away from their original purple and orange palette. It is also mobile-responsive and includes a business directory with over 150 businesses listed. We also featured aerial photos of Hastings on the home page for impact.

While there’s lots of new businesses in town over the past decade, there’s still familiar faces there who are going strong. We always run into someone we know in Hastings, and it’s always wonderful.


Western Port Metal Recyclers: Rebranding

Western Port Metal Recyclers look after all things scrap metal in Hastings.

With only an old business card that had seen better days, they decided it was time for a revamp. As the business has been in existence for quite a long time, we designed a retro logo, with a bit of a rough touch – after all, they handle scrap metal every day, and there’s not many smooth edges in all that metal!

To create a consistent brand, the following items were created: a letterhead for invoices, a business card with some space for notes on the back, and a magnet to remind people who to call when they’ve got metal to dispose of.


Slimuline: Trade Packs

Slimuline were launching a new charity – called ProTeen Australia – and needed help to get their branding in line for the launch.

Slimuline had an existing logo, but minimal stationery for promoting the brand. So we started by designing and printing a professional letterhead, with compliments slips and business cards. The business cards featured Slimuline and ProTeen Australia.

For the official launch of ProTeen Australia, a trade pack was also designed, comprising of a short series of pages about Slimuline, the products, and ProTeen Australia. These were placed into a folder to hand out at expos and events.

Lovely words from Danielle, the owner of Slimuline: “It’s been such a pleasure to work with you and learn from you, you have made this so much easier for me than I could have hoped for. I really appreciate all your work, you have proven to be a total gem.”



Doctor Vein Website

We developed a new website design for Doctor Vein.

The layout includes a number of call-to-action sections on the home page, so it wasn’t just “an image and text”. A blog has been set up for ongoing articles and videos from the owner, Gan.

Logo Design: Eureka Mattress

Logo design for new business Eureka Mattress! We also created a brand style guide for them to use in-house (means nobody has to guess the colours or what font to use – the guide says it all!).

Logo Design

A Gender Agenda: Poster Design

We regularly design posters for A Gender Agenda, to help promote special events they run.

One of these events was Horses and Mindfulness. I personally adore the photo we used in this poster, the sky is just beautiful (and the horse just a little bit cheeky!).

Poster Design

Another mindfulness event poster for AGA is for their mindfulness sessions.