Category: Recent Projects

Recharge Point Scheme in Frankston

Back in 2006, the Recharge Point Scheme was launched, providing allocated locations for recharging electric mobility scooters. This program was rolled out by councils across Victoria.

The program is still in action now, with recharge points available in most communities. In Frankston, they wanted to update the recharge point logo, as the original logo from 2006 is looking outdated. Other improvements were made, including colour contrast, use of icons for quick recognition, and simple, legible text.


Original logo



New logo

MS Plus pull-up banners

A pair of banners we have designed for MS Plus, that can be standalone or placed together.

pull-up banner design

“Let’s Talk Rubbish” t-shirt design

A less common project came into the studio recently, to design a t-shirt. But not just any kind of t-shirt – one focusing on how to separate your waste visually, in their four bin system, if you live in the City of Frankston!

Environmentally Sustainable Design Guide

There’s always a publication or report being worked on here, sometimes big and sometimes small. This particular one for Frankston City Council had less content than we normally need to work with, but it meant we were able to include lots of images and design easy to read diagrams.

RJ Fire Services

We created a mobile-responsive website for RJ Fire Services, to promote their services.

Child Safe Reporting Flowchart

Who: Frankston City Council
What: Child Safe Reporting Flowchart
Why: Not everything we do is fun, some projects cover serious matters that need to be handled both with dignity and clarity. This is one of those projects.

Lynn Rowley Photography

Who: Lynn Rowley Photography
What: Logo and website
Why: Lynn required a logo for her professional photography business. We also developed a website where customers can purchase photo prints online.

Sorrento Winter Promotion

Who: Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce
What: Promotional material for a competition
Why: To encourage visitation to Sorrento during the cooler (and often quieter) months of the year

Mornington Peninsula Shire Pedestrian Maps

We compiled and formatted a collection of maps for the Mornington Peninsula Shire, for them to use at community consultations.

The map designs were required to show the pathways for pedestrians. We worked from supplied raw data, aerial photos and a common legend to build 11 separate maps. Each map focuses on a suburb in the southern part of the peninsula.

If you saw the raw data we created these maps from, then the extent of how detailed this project was would make sense. The map data was edited so it highlights the most important features for the community consultations.

It’s a lot of fun watching maps come alive with a touch of design.

map design Mornington Peninsula

Sam’s Quark Packaging

Sam’s is an importer of European food favourites – especially cheese.

We designed the packaging for their cheese range, including quark cheese. This packaging featured a cute cow cartoon and bright colours to stand out on the shelves.

Packaging design for quark cheese

Nasi Civil Letterhead Design

This letterhead (and branding) was wonderful to work on – it was a full rebrand that has served them well for nearly 20 years. To have the opportunity to reimagine a brand and bring them into today is always an honour we don’t take lightly. Small businesses are treated like our children: we love them, care for them, nurture them – and they mean a lot to the owners. And we keep this in mind when working on small business branding – we want you to shine, and you to feel proud of how your business looks.

Campground Signage Design

Updated campground signage for Balnarring Foreshore Reserve. We designed three of these signs for reserves A, B and C. Not only do these signs provide a map and directions for campers, but also a check-in QR code (which we’ve unfortunately had to become familiar with over the past year!).

Frankston City Council: Urban Forest Action Plan Report Design

Along with the Biodiversity Action Plan, we created the Urban Forest Action Plan for Frankston City Council. Both action plans (and related technical report) use the same layout and formatting, creating a collection of connected publications for the council.

Website design for Collective Action

We developed a website for Collective Action – a social impact consultancy – to feature their most important projects and publications.

Each project is connected to a service category, as well as having a range of publications attached. The publications can be found by project or by publication – creating numerous ways in how content can be found on the website.

A range of different coloured blocks were designed to highlight and separate information throughout the website. Icons were also designed to visually describe each service.

Website design for Schoolhouse Studios

Schoolhouse Studios convert disused buildings into collaborative, creative spaces for artists and like-minded businesses.

They secured a new “old” building to move to – Coles in Coburg – and we redesigned their website in conjunction with their new location launch.

The brief was to feel a little “cheap supermarket” as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the building they are residing in, while still appealing to the astute crowd they connect with.

Right Choice Mortgages and Leasing: Brand Strategy

Starting from scratch, Right Choice Mortgages and Leasing wanted to enter the market on the right foot with a strong brand.

For Right Choice Mortgages and Leasing, colour was important. Steering away from the standard corporate blue, a warm purple was chosen. The visual identity had to encompass their brand values: friendly, approachable and confident.

A stationery package was designed, plus a style guide which is utilised across all documents and marketing collateral created for the company. The design work has been further extended to a workshop series, which includes a range of information brochures.

Logo Design

Business Card Design

Icon Design

Website design for Two Up Brewery

Two Up Brewery is Perth’s coolest craft brewery, Joondalup’s worst-kept secret.

We designed and built the Two Up Brewery website. It includes flexible content boxes that allow Two Up Brewery to change parts of their layout and content as often as they desire, while always adhering to their brand with little effort.

Frankston Zero Logo

Logo design for Frankston Zero – an initiative to combat homelessness in Frankston.

New website for Surefoot Mat

Updated website design for Surefoot Mat, including new navigation and page structure to match the changing needs of their customers.

Surefoot Mat have been clients of ours for over 10 years, so it’s been a wonderful experience getting to watch their business grow and evolve over the time.

Mornington logo for Northern Mornington Peninsula Tourism

This was a fun little project to take on, where we created an eye-catching logo to represent Mornington – friendly, casual, beachside. This logo has been designed for use on promotional gear such as t-shirts and hats.

Publication Design in 2019

Publication design in 2019 has included small brochures, through to 80+ page books.

I’ve never been able to put my finger on what the appeal of publication design is, but it’s something we love working on. Maybe it’s the process; maybe it’s the fact that everything has to be so orderly for a publication to work. Or maybe it’s the tangible, physical product at the end. Maybe it’s all of those combined.

Whatever it is, publications are a lovely thing to design. In 2019 we created a number of publications based on training documentation – making them visual and easy to understand was a great challenge. We then developed a range of icons to make a report of facts eye-catching for another client. Our largest publication for the year was the book “Entrepreneurs Generations Apart”, by Celebrate Living History. A long book of over 60 interviews with entrepreneurs worldwide, young and old.

Here are snippets of publications we designed in 2019.

Event Branding Design in 2019

Event branding design in 2019 saw us provide continued support and services to a collection of long-standing events.

Some events we provide design services for were just a colour scheme and date update in 2019 (eg. Peninsula Film Festival). Others involved new illustrations (Pets’ Day Out) or entirely new branding (Musiqua). Posters for promoting events is still a constant, but we are definitely seeing a shift towards digital media over printed media. So banners, social media images and other types of online advertising have taken precedence over brochures and newspaper ads.

Here are a snippet of event branding we completed in 2019.

Logo Design in 2019

Logo design in 2019 has been varied. We’ve been lucky to work on developing brands for a wide range of businesses, most based on the Mornington Peninsula.

While the logos featured below use a range of colours, corporate blues have been popular in the past year. I personally find this a little ironic (or timely!) as this trend lines up with Pantone’s 2020 colour of the year: Classic Blue.

There has also been a move towards logos with flexible colour options. For example, Innerspirit Property Styling’s logo is in black and white but can be changed into another colour as desired.

Icons and symbols have been a popular request, moving away from text-only logos.

Here are a snippet of logos we’ve designed in 2019. We hope all the brands we helped develop have an exciting and successful 2020!

Innerspirit Property Styling: Business Cards

The ladies at Innerspirit Property Styling originally wanted to do black and white business cards, but felt there was something lacking.

We went through all of our available card stocks and finishes, and came up with the following! Super thick black card (not printed, actual black card) with rose gold foil detail on both sides.

The reason we did this is because printing black onto white card still leaves a white edge on standard cards. They also liked the glitzy finish that foil gives. Premium cards like this can really make you stand out – and make you want to give out your cards to people. They might cost more than standard business cards, but if they are something you are proud of (and that you use), then we consider that’s worth every cent.

Pronoun Pins for A Gender Agenda

We get quite a few unique requests for projects, that aren’t quite our usual corporate/business type. The pronoun pins for A Gender Agenda fall into this realm.

They had a major event coming up that they wanted to create the pins for. The brief included:

  • to make the pins no more than 3cm wide;
  • use colours from their new branding;
  • ensure there was no gender stereotyping, ie. no blue for “he”.

We had free reign on the shape, and tried a number of designs. The parallelogram came out as the winner.



The pins became so popular that we were requested to build an online order form for them. The first batch sold out within a few weeks!

Same design, different applications

In food packaging design, products are sometimes sold in various sizes. Compared to clothing where the size can simply be changed on the tag, packaging design is a little more extensive.

In packaging design, the size of the contents defines the outside packaging shape and size. Sometimes this can be a change between a box and a bag. Other times, it’s just a range of the same boxes/bags in different sizes.

In this example we designed, Sam’s Quark comes in 275g and 600g. One is a shrink-wrap packet containing round cheese, the other is a container with a rectangle block of cheese. The design had to include the same amount of information, even though the space is far more limited in a circle.

Working within a circle has its challenges, such as making a barcode look like it belongs, and aligning tables within the space. We actually enjoy the challenge; just a bit of visual problem solving!


Choice Super: Logo Design and Brochure

Choice Super specialises in providing accounting services for self managed super funds.

We have developed the brand, business stationery, promotional material and website of Choice Super.

Revamp Property Staging

Revamp Property Staging styles homes to attract a higher sale price.

Revamp required a logo and website for their business. The request was to use ocean hues, make it feel beachy but not “beach shack”.

The website included copy writing, based on dot points provided, to give the website’s content a more professional sound.

Website Design Mornington Peninsula

Swing Tag Design

Swing tags (or price tags) are a necessary for clothing and other merchandise. Sometimes they can be really plain – simply a card with stickers on it. But sometimes, if the budget permits, you can have a lot of fun with designing swing tags.

Two examples we’ve designed are for Wild Warriors and Somerville Myotherapy & Pilates Studio. Rectangle is a very popular shape for swing tags, and while SMAPS went for rectangle, it was the design that’s different. Generally, the back is left plain for a price sticker, but in this situation we were able to design it. So no matter what side the tag flips to, it catches your eye.

Wild Warriors went for a fancy option: not only are the tags round, but they have spot varnish on them to highlight the second W in the logo, instead of using colour. It gives the tags a different tactile feel too.

When you have swing tags to get designed, don’t be shy to think outside the standard expectation. You have the possibility to make them memorable in simple but clever ways.

Flags in Frankston

There is nothing like seeing our work out and about – we still get a buzz from it, no matter how many years we’ve been doing this for! We spotted the flags we designed for Pets’ Day Out in Frankston today. The event is coming up in a few weeks, on October 14.


Flag Design Frankston

New website design for Westernport Chamber of Commerce

Nearly 10 years ago, Sarah was the promotions co-ordinator at the Westernport Chamber of Commerce. So it’s really lovely to be back to work on a design project for them.

We were asked to design a new logo, and redesign their website. The request for the logo was to ensure it included a pelican. After a number of pelican designs were considered, this was the one who made the cut.

Website Design Hastings

The website features fresh brand colours, moving away from their original purple and orange palette. It is also mobile-responsive and includes a business directory with over 150 businesses listed. We also featured aerial photos of Hastings on the home page for impact.

While there’s lots of new businesses in town over the past decade, there’s still familiar faces there who are going strong. We always run into someone we know in Hastings, and it’s always wonderful.


Adams Pest Control

Adams Pest Control have been operating for over 75 years. They have seen a lot of changes in pest control and technology during that time.

We have been designing their print ads and brochures for a number of years. Their print media often showcases any new products or services they are offering. We provide design concepts for each new ad, and resize the ads for a variety of publications.

Advertisement Design Mornington Peninsula

Magazine ad design Mornington Peninsula

Juvenil Essence

Juvenil Essence is run by cosmetic nurse team Alex and Estelle, who provide non-surgical cosmetic aesthetic skin treatments on the Mornington Peninsula.

Estelle and Alex came to us with an existing brand, website and stationery. They wanted to refresh their logo and stationery, while adding improvements to their website.

Their new logo has a handwritten note feel: simple but refined. The marble and pink feature throughout their stationery to add some colour and texture. Their updated stationery includes a care brochure, business cards and gift vouchers.

The existing website was lacking information and the ability to book appointments. We improved their services pages with formatting and layout changes. For appointments, we implemented a new booking system which also includes prepayment of treatments – saving the girls a lot of manual administration. The website takes care of it for them.

Logo design Mornington Peninsula

Graphic Design Mornington Peninsula

Website Design Mornington Peninsula

Doctor Vein: Website Design

Doctor Vein specialises in removing varicose veins, based in Frankston.

We have built a website for Doctor Vein with content blocks, allowing lots of information to be easily read on each page. The layout is also easy to scale up; new blocks are simple to add. The blocks are different colours, to separate information easily. Borders and images also feature to break up the text.

Other features include a blog for ongoing articles and videos.

Kind words from Gan: “Sarah is extremely talented and creative. She has the ability to envision a project from start to finish and has great attention to detail. I have worked with many web developers in the past and Sarah and Chris are the best in the business for communicating ideas in simple yet effective way to complete the project on time. They are my go to team for creative content and website development and maintenance.”

Industrial Shed: Website Design

Industrial Shed is a hardware and power tools store in Somerville, supplying goods to tradespeople on the Mornington Peninsula and beyond.

All of their orders were being completed over the phone and in store, so they wanted to add an online store. Not only does this help their customers search and order what they need; it doubles up as a products brochure for their staff to refer to. Each product has photos, a description and attributes.

Due to the vast amount of products, various search options are available. These include categories, brands and a search box. For those who can’t find what they are after, a quote form can be completed.

eCommerce website for Industrial Shed

Western Port Metal Recyclers: Rebranding

Western Port Metal Recyclers look after all things scrap metal in Hastings.

With only an old business card that had seen better days, they decided it was time for a revamp. As the business has been in existence for quite a long time, we designed a retro logo, with a bit of a rough touch – after all, they handle scrap metal every day, and there’s not many smooth edges in all that metal!

To create a consistent brand, the following items were created: a letterhead for invoices, a business card with some space for notes on the back, and a magnet to remind people who to call when they’ve got metal to dispose of.


Slimuline: Trade Packs

Slimuline were launching a new charity – called ProTeen Australia – and needed help to get their branding in line for the launch.

Slimuline had an existing logo, but minimal stationery for promoting the brand. So we started by designing and printing a professional letterhead, with compliments slips and business cards. The business cards featured Slimuline and ProTeen Australia.

For the official launch of ProTeen Australia, a trade pack was also designed, comprising of a short series of pages about Slimuline, the products, and ProTeen Australia. These were placed into a folder to hand out at expos and events.

Lovely words from Danielle, the owner of Slimuline: “It’s been such a pleasure to work with you and learn from you, you have made this so much easier for me than I could have hoped for. I really appreciate all your work, you have proven to be a total gem.”



Doctor Vein Website

We developed a new website design for Doctor Vein.

The layout includes a number of call-to-action sections on the home page, so it wasn’t just “an image and text”. A blog has been set up for ongoing articles and videos from the owner, Gan.

Logo Design: Eureka Mattress

Logo design for new business Eureka Mattress! We also created a brand style guide for them to use in-house (means nobody has to guess the colours or what font to use – the guide says it all!).

Logo Design

A Gender Agenda: Poster Design

We regularly design posters for A Gender Agenda, to help promote special events they run.

One of these events was Horses and Mindfulness. I personally adore the photo we used in this poster, the sky is just beautiful (and the horse just a little bit cheeky!).

Poster Design

Another mindfulness event poster for AGA is for their mindfulness sessions.

Birthday Club Stationery

For a collective of restaurants in Mornington, we created “Birthday Club” stationery – which include discounts and prizes throughout the year.

Each business – The Winey Cow, Mi Mexiko and Thanks Albert, have different colours and brands – so whilst the style of the poster was consistent, we changed the colours to match each restaurant.

Along with the posters, generic cards were designed for people to write their details on to join the Birthday Club quickly and easily (usually in the short time waiting for their food or coffee order to be made!).


Melbourne Jewish Book Week Workshop Flyer

Last year, we designed a range of flyers for Melbourne Jewish Book Week, for small events they are running separately to their main festival coming up this year. We set up a template design that was easily used across a variety of events, which kept branding consistent.

More Roofing Website Update

One of our long-term clients recently went through a rename: Mear Roofing changed to More Roofing. The cutest part? “Mear” was named after the owner’s kids, and they had another bub and wanted to include him so changed it to “More”. It is such a lovely personal story that makes a family business even more special.

As part of the rename, we updated their logo and website. The website required a new domain name, email addresses, and updated content.

Alison Ferguson Logo Design

Alison is a bright and bubbly mortgage broker, who needed a personal brand for her business – so we completed a logo design for her. She wanted bright colours, and no typical finance icons. However, we still needed to use something that was relevant to purchasing a home, so colourful beach boxes were used.

Wild Azalea Logo Design

Sometimes, you get to cross paths with an old friend from high school and find out what each other are doing. This happened with Jasmine, and we ended up designing the logo for her new make-up business (named after her adorable daughter!).

Peninsula Equine Agents

Another lovely Peninsula local we’ve gotten to know over the years! We designed this logo for Peninsula Equine Agents, who told us their goal is not only to sell horses, but to make sure that each horse and prospective owner are a good match for each other, represented by the heart.

The logo was kept to two colours and clean lines, to make it simple to be embroidered onto uniforms.

Glam Vans Logo

Logo design for Glam Vans with a touch of retro!

Women on Farms Gathering – Branding

We have recently been working with WOFG 2018 on their upcoming event. Women on Farms Gathering is coming to the Mornington Peninsula for the first time.

We started with their brand design, so they could begin promoting the event for sponsorship. The logo is a play on the tagline “our pearls of the peninsula”. The logo was also deliberately designed with bold colours and shapes, as they have plans for screenprinting.

A “save the date” postcard has also been designed, including the illustration of a map.

Following this, a website has been built for the event. The watercolour background (to represent the ocean) is across all of their collateral – both printed and online. The website is being regularly updated as the event draws closer, adding to their program and booking details.

Sam’s Pelmeni Poster

We design various items for Sam’s, including food packaging and promotional material. This poster promotes their pelmeni and pierogi ranges – traditional Eastern European dumplings. We definitely get to work on a wide variety of projects in the studio!

My personal favourite of this poster was how the two photos happened to line up perfectly, creating one plate with very different dishes.


Sorrento Girls Getaway Promotion

The Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce regularly runs promotions to encourage visitation to the towns, and this was a promotion to do just that (with $1000 thrown in for spending!).

The project included A3 posters, A6 flyers and social media images used for Facebook advertising.

Healthy Air Systems – Logo Design

Healthy Air Systems already had a logo design in mind, and sent me a rough mock-up. They originally just wanted it set up as a high-resolution file for printing, but we worked on the design too.

To make it feel more unique, we changed the font and worked on the colours. The layout of the words and icon was also edited, making the logo into a rectangle shape – easier for placing in documents!

Logo design for Healthy Air Systems

Packaging redesign: new format

Back in 2013, we designed the first run of packaging for Harigon Gourmet Food’s kreplach (dumplings) range. We recently completed a redesign, which included changing the words used throughout the packaging, and a format change from a 6-sided box to a double-sided stand-up pouch. There are three packages we redesigned.

Somers Residents Association

Somers Residents Association has been running for decades, and have some very tech-savvy folks on their committee who set up a website very early on and have been maintaining it all this time.

But there comes a time where the old (manual) way of updating a website gets tedious. This lovely client was still typing HTML every time the association needed the website updated! Adding a new page meant updating every page of the website to add that page to the menu – incredible work.

But thankfully, it’s a lot easier today. We converted their website to WordPress (along with designing a new layout in the process). We then ran a training session to show them how to maintain their new website, and they were stoked with how much easier it is now.

Femagogy Zine

A zine written by teachers and for teachers, based on their passions of education and feminism.

They came to us in the very early stages with a name, and some inspiration images, and that was all – the first issue hadn’t even been written yet. We designed their brand (feminine, funky and retro), and have built a website that is set up to eventually incorporate each issue they release.

To make each article look more appealing, we have set a featured image for each one. This has also become handy when sharing the articles on social media, where images always surpass text.

Their first issue is out and we look forward to seeing their zine grow!

You can view their website at, and see other websites we’ve designed here.

Logo Design for Femagogy Zine

Website Design for Femagogy Zine

Blazyn Nights: Website Design

Blazyn Nights is a Melbourne DJ and performer, who had a DIY website she wanted to be turned into a professional website.

The previous website was a great starting point for getting online, but she found there were limitations: it didn’t work on mobile phones, she couldn’t have a form for people to send enquiries, and it was difficult to add photos.

We redesigned the website to feature event photos and her brand colours – give it a night-time feel without being difficult to read. We design all websites to be mobile-responsive, so that was arranged from the beginning. We converted her PDF forms so potential clients can complete them online, including one for song requests.

Her playlists are also one of her points of difference, but previously had to be downloaded to view. We set up previews of each playlist within her website so potential clients can quickly browse and then decide which ones they want to download and print.

Website Design for Somerville Travel

Our only travel agent in town called us in to build a website for them.

The personal side of their story is that I walk past their shop nearly every day during my post office run – and they didn’t know this until I went in and met them! We regularly stop and chat on my way past, or at the least send a wave their way. I definitely love working in a small town where you always know someone nearby – I can never visit the shops without running into at least one person I know, usually more.

On the “nuts and bolts” side of this project: Somerville Travel’s existing website was designed many years ago and they weren’t able to update it themselves. They have specials they want to promote regularly, so we set up a range of easy to edit boxes on their home page for this purpose. They also receive awe-inspiring photos they like to share of the destinations they can book, so we made sure to feature those too.

Somerville Travel Website


Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce

Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce provides support to local businesses and works on events and promotions to bring visitors to the region.

We work on a number of projects for the chamber of commerce, which include their annual township map, various promotions, social media images, posters, advertising, and more.

The artwork featured below includes the Girls Getaway Promotion (social media and advertising), Shift Your Shop Promotion (social media and DL flyer), and Shopping Gift Cards (artwork printed onto EFTPOS cards).

Views Cape Schanck: Website Design

Views Cape Schanck is a small pet-friendly hotel tucked away in the dunes at Cape Schanck.

Their existing website no longer served their needs, so we were requested to redesign the website from scratch. This included completely new pages, new content, new layout, new photos – every part of the website was changed.

The new website layout includes angular introduction boxes, small feature boxes (to direct visitors to important information quickly), and large photos to showcase their beautiful surroundings. The entire website is mobile-responsive; another important feature that was not part of their previous website.

Website design Mornington Peninsula

Peppers Moonah Links: Christmas Functions

For this Christmas, we designed the posters and information packs for Peppers Moonah Links’ Christmas functions. It was a different Christmas brief to the usual Santa/baubles/Christmas tree – instead, the goal was to find something food-related, and something in festive colours, while still matching their brand and photography guidelines.

Station House Brew Co Logo

Logo design for Station House Brew Co – a local brewery on the Mornington Peninsula!

Christmas Poster for The Winey Cow

The Winey Cow in Mornington has their Christmas event coming up next week, and asked us to design the posters and flyers to promote the evening. The dishes on the menu look amaaaaazing. If you’re able to get to Mornington, I’d highly recommend going.

Other recent Summer work for The Winey Cow includes their “Sunday Sippers” menu, where they are staying open extended hours on Sunday afternoons/evenings with a special menu and live music. Sounds perfect for a sunny and warm afternoon.

Safecom Security

Safecom came to us looking for an updated logo; we made small changes to the colours, which made a big difference in the whole feel of their first impression. Further work has included a business card and a website.

Sean & Danni Photographers Logo

Sean and Danni came to us with an existing logo that was very corporate, but they felt it didn’t fit their friendly, casual and journalistic style of photography. Added a little bit of gold for a touch of sparkle!

Edwina Glenn – Website

Edwina is a Melbourne interior architect, who needed a folio website for her projects. A simple layout with soft colours was used to accentuate the photos, so her work is the focus.

Jade Leonard Music Scholarship Poster

Jade Leonard has created her own music scholarship to help VCE students with their studies. We designed the poster as well as the online application form for this lovely gesture to the youth in Victoria’s music industry.

Poster Design

Bremstead Joinery

We help a lot of local tradies on the Mornington Peninsula get online – and Bremstead Joinery are one of those businesses. They build custom cabinetry for kitchens and homes, and needed somewhere easy to send potential clients to have a look at past projects they have completed – so we built their website for this function.

Kids Entertainment Sydney: Birthday Invitations

Kids Entertainment Sydney run themed children’s parties in NSW. They literally style everything they can for each party – from the entertainers, to the decor, to the invitations.

And that’s where we came in: they wanted to redesign their current invitations, freshen them up. They had also added new parties to their collection which they needed invitation designs for.

The designs had to be bright, fun, child-like and easy to print. The final collection included over 15 unique invitation designs – some of the invitations we designed are below.

Invitation designs for Kids Entertainment Sydney

Rebranding for Infocus Video & Media

We redesigned Infocus Video & Media‘s logo recently – we kept their brand colours (red and black), designed a new camera lens (they used a similar icon in their previous logo), and gave it all a modern twist.

Proactive Podiatry – website

We redesigned Proactive Podiatry’s website with a fresh new look. They had struggles with keeping their website up-to-date previously, so an easier content management system was used, and customised to suit their needs.

Frankston RSL Website

Frankston RSL have a large premises on Frankston-Cranbourne Rd, with dining options, live entertainment and commemorative days keeping their venue buzzing.

They had an existing website that had outgrown itself. A new site structure was drawn up, and a layout considerate of navigating through the many pages was created. Each area is broken up into additional sections, highlighted with feature images.

Many of the sections in the website have an ever-changing calendar, so we set up pages to automatically archive once the event has passed, saving a lot of management time.

The website was also made mobile-responsive, so whatever device a visitor uses, they will be able to view the website comfortably.

“Working with Malvolio to redevelop the Frankston RSL website into a new, fresh, structured, and vibrant website was such a pleasure. The restructure was a huge job and yet they managed to complete the project within a record amount of time, earlier than expected, while achieving all our objectives. The resulting website is absolutely outstanding and it better reflects the services and support provided by the Frankston RSL and its culture.”
– Paula Creek, Promotions Coordinator Frankston RSL


Website Design Frankston for Frankston RSL

Jiva Photography Logo

Jiva Photography came to us for a logo redesign. For wedding videographers and photographers, their previous logo was quite dark and corporate. Inspired by the colours of the sky in one of their photos, we designed this logo. The icon was carried across from the previous design for continuity, now designed with a new font and colours to match.

Briarswood Cottage: Website Design

Briarswood Cottage is a B&B in Mt Martha, who rely on their website for promotion and bookings.

They came to us with an existing website that needed a bit of TLC – new photos, new information and making it mobile responsive. The previous layout was set up when screens were generally a lot smaller. The new layout features large photos, and information divided into smaller sections for easier reading.

A new booking enquiry form was also designed, with more questions asked to help streamline the booking process. We also provide ongoing update support to Briarswood Cottage, to help keep their website maintained and current.

Website design Mornington Peninsula

Cartwright Finance Brokers

Branding for a lovely finance broker in Somerville – blue, corporate and clean.

Bay 2 Bay Rental: Logo Design & Website Design

Bay 2 Bay Rental is an equipment hire company in Hastings, who cater for builders and renovators, landscapers and gardeners, plumbers, electricians, tradesmen and many more.

They began with a single-page website and a basic price list, printed in their office. Wanting to reach more customers, we created a mobile-responsive full catalogue website with photos and detailed information on all of their hire equipment. We have also provided content writing services to improve the wording on the website.

After a few years, they decided to rebrand their business, so we updated their logo and colours to look more streamlined.

Printed items have also been professionally designed, turning the price list into a folded brochure, along with a glossy A4 flyer with photos to promote some of their most popular hire equipment.

Sally-Anne McQuillan: Website Design

Sally-Anne is a commercial property agent in Melbourne, who has sold in excess of $94,000,000 in properties.

One thing that most people never get to see or hear are the stories of how we meet our clients: some are standard stories, while others are more memorable. This is one of those memorable stories.

Sarah (director) and Sally-Anne were both at a women’s business conference, and were both 35+ weeks pregnant, standing in a queue for lunch. We got chatting because well, who can miss a bump twin (especially with all of the standing around at a large event), and Sally-Anne said she was hoping to find a website designer that day…little did she know she was already chatting to one!

From there, we designed and built a stylish and modern one-page website featuring statistics, properties and a blog.

PD306 Port Douglas: Website Design

A luxury getaway in Port Douglas, across the road from the pristine 4 Mile Beach.

…makes this a project hard to work on because the photos just make us want to take the next available flight to Port Douglas for a holiday!

Putting aside our holiday wishes, we redesigned the website layout to feature new photos of the apartment, and be a more airy and modern design than previous. The layout includes some animated loading transitions, giving it a soft flow while information is loading on the page.

Website design Mornington Peninsula

The Penny Saver: Website Design

The Penny Saver is a voucher book for family activities on the Mornington Peninsula.

They had the book designed and ready – but nowhere to sell it online. We built a website with a book ordering page, able to take payments. The website features their Instagram feed on the home page, as that’s where they update most (and it’s super colourful and fun).

The website also includes important sections such as FAQ and participating businesses, which have been set up to easily be updated without needing knowledge of HTML. The aim of the design was to promote each participating business as much as possible throughout the website.

Website design Mornington Peninsula

Peninsula Wine Wholesalers

We developed the branding for Peninsula Wine Wholesalers – a logo easy to print in colour and black & white, for use across advertising, business stationery and packaging labels.

Website facelift for Skinastute

New layout design launched for Skinastute – just a little facelift to brighten up the website!

You can read more detail about their website project here.

Petersen’s Bookstore

We designed letterheads, flyers and gift vouchers for Petersen’s Bookstore in Hastings. We have also designed the branding for their “Learn at Home Club”.

Better Way of Being: Website Design & Business Cards

Kylie, founder of Better Way of Being, required a website to help share her knowledge in lifestyle and diet.

The website has a range of actively updated sections:

  • Workshops – upcoming workshops can be viewed, selected and booked.
  • Blog – articles written by Kylie about her own experiences and advice.
  • Recipes – a range of healthy recipes are available to read, search and print.

A couple of print items were also designed, such as business cards. These help promote the website in person.

Sim Signs

Business rebranding project for a local Somerville business who work on national signage projects: included logo design, website, stationery and forms. Forms aren’t very exciting to share, but we design a lot of them – they are super important to many businesses…one of the things people often don’t realise are even designed!

Mi Mexiko: Business Stationery

Mi Mexiko is a funky Mexican restaurant in the heart of Mornington, with amazing artwork and decor inside and outside (a designers’ dream to work with!).

We have designed their menus, flyers and various stationery to use in the restaurant. This includes a placemat-style eat-in menu, a folded take-away menu, gift vouchers, business cards and drinks lists.

A fun brand to work on, with both colour and black & white versions of their artwork always standing out.

V1 Imports – Online Store

V1 Imports are the Australian distributor for a number of major motocross racing brands.

They required a flexible eCommerce website to sell the products they offer, to enable them to easily add more brands, categories and products as their business grows. We designed it to be easy to navigate whether there are 5 or 50 products in any one category.

Online store design for V1 Imports

Business cards for local cafes

We designed and printed these business cards for an amazing team over in Mornington, who run a variety of eateries – The Winey Cow, Mi Mexiko and Thanks Albert.

With the owners across the three businesses, collective cards were designed so they only had one card with their direct contact details, rather than three separate cards. There are generic cards for each cafe as well, which are useful for in-store promotion.

When getting business cards made, it is worth thinking about how they will be used, rather than just assuming you need a piece of paper with your contact details on it. It may be a card with quick ordering details, a loyalty card, or space for an upcoming appointment. Business cards can be so much more.


Three businesses needing to match

Usually, businesses approach us needing one logo for a business. But this was a different situation, where multiple business logos had to be planned together.

The lovely owners of Bale Grow are mad about hay. Everything is about hay in their world…so much so, that they created two more hay-related businesses: The Hay Shed and Hay Day Events.

I love client stories, and when they told me all the things they do with hay, it’s ingenious. A lot of businesses stay as one single business with different products, but in this example they have very defined target markets for their products, and the three businesses are advertised in different places to reach those specific customers…so three businesses made more sense than one.

However, they still wanted to create a consistent look and feel across the three businesses, as they wanted people to see that the businesses were connected in some way. Through developing the designs, we came up with a circular logo, with a unique icon in each logo, representing the products of that business.

1458 BAL Hay Day Events Logo_FA balegrow-logo 1459 BAL The Hay Shed Logo_FA

Looking into a bit of Mornington history

Getting to research old photos of a local town is always something we enjoy, and even better when it’s for a client’s project!

The Winey Cow were after new business cards, and wanted to add a touch of history through old photos of Mornington. We had a look through the State Library of Victoria’s image database, and found some incredible photos of Main Street.

old-mornington1 old-mornington2

The finished business card uses an even more special image: we found one of the same section of Main Street where The Winey Cow now resides, making it very personal for the owners.



Flowerdale Estate: Website Design

Flowerdale Estate is a uniquely beautiful, historic venue in Central Victoria. They primarily take wedding bookings, but also host conferences, high teas and other private events.

Flowerdale Estate had an existing website which was doing well in search results, but enquiries from the website were low. A modern, user-friendly design with potential brides and grooms in mind was developed. While stunning photos from on-site weddings as well as the venue were now a major feature of the website, we also re-wrote a number of key pages on the website to make them more appealing to read, with the aim of encouraging visitors to make contact and enquire about bookings.

Website Design

The Winey Cow Posters

We illustrated a group of cows for The Winey Cow in Mornington, who make appearances on their posters for the occasional special event.

With the name “The Winey Cow” for a cafe, the owners have a great sense of humour and this gave us a lot of freedom to be a bit cheeky and have some fun with drawing. The first event was the AFL Grand Final, which the cows were originally made for. The funniest part of this project was that the illustration was done a month out from the grand final – and who ended up playing that day? Sydney and Hawthorn. It was a perfect accidental guess.

The second event was a Mexican food and cocktails night – so the cows got dressed up for the occasion, ditched the wine (just for one night) and took up some maracas instead. Who knows what their next dress-up day will be?!


Illustrated Poster Design
Illustrated Poster Design

Victorian Healthcare Association

The Victorian Healthcare Association was working on new ways to present what can be very complex and dry information, and asked us to create an illustration for them.

This hand-drawn illustration is of the Victorian healthcare sector, showing how each of the services are connected via roads and towns. This illustration has been used in publications and in presentations.


Thanks Albert Burger Company: Brand Development

Thanks Albert is a burger bar found on Main St, Mornington.

We designed their branding from scratch, including their logo, colour scheme, menus and business card. There are lots of little fun references to Albert Einstein throughout their branding, which was a personal touch for the owners. We especially loved the names of the burgers in their menu, it made for a very entertaining project.


SG Boatbuilding

SG Boatbuilding build, repair and customise boats in Rosebud, on the Mornington Peninsula.

They didn’t previously have a website, and felt it was time to get online – so we helped build an online presence for them. The website focuses on information about their services and a gallery of previous work. It is a fully mobile-responsive website.

Website design Mornington Peninsula

Front Foot Solutions

Front Foot Solutions is a local virtual assistant in Somerville. Hayley helps businesses in all sorts of different ways, and needed a brand to present her services.

We designed a logo from Hayley’s rough sketches (she had an idea she was keen to have used). The project also included the design and printing of business cards.


Logo design Business card design

Tam O’Shanter Views

A website redesign for a holiday home in beautiful northern Tasmania.

Tam O’Shanter’s previous website had been designed over a decade ago, so the owners decided it was time for a refresh. The redesign meant that not only could we make more of a feature of the wonderful photos of the property, we were also able to implement some better functions in the website – these included an interactive Google Map for customised directions, an active bookings calendar and a mobile-responsive layout.


MPS Emergency Management

Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Emergency Management department help educate and inform the community about fire safety.

Coming into each Summer, the Mornington Peninsula Shire get the message out on things the community can do to help themselves and emergency services, especially for the bushfire season. We have designed and produced various communications for the season, including postcards, flyers, notification forms, information folders and more.

FMP Careers & Jobs Expo: Branding

A joint expo between the Mornington Peninsula Shire and Frankston City Council, the FMP Careers & Jobs Expo is an extension of the original careers expo held on the peninsula.

The now-merged expo needed an identity that was separate of both councils, and different from the previous expo. The target audience is school-leavers, so it had to be appealing to them, which was a challenge as the exhibitors are on the corporate side of the fence so it also had to be formal enough to interest them to be a part of the expo.

The goal of the expo is for school-leavers and potential employers to start a conversation, lending itself to the use of speech bubbles. A range of industry hats were also illustrated, which are set up to be used for defining areas of information and grouping certain exhibitors together.

The project included brand development, stationery design (poster, postcards and more), plus a website.



Australia Day: Event Graphic Design

We were honoured to design the images, branding, stationery and advertising for Australia Day on the Mornington Peninsula.

A complex project over many months, it began with developing a visual concept for the overall event. A number of concepts were presented, and the silhouette design was refined.

Australia Day on the Mornington Peninsula is a somewhat unique event to work on, as it occurs in 7 different towns (so 7 different events!). Each town had their own signage and program posters, including their own sponsors who were to be featured on each relevant item.

For the overall Australia Day event, we designed posters, folded programs, both digital and print media advertising, entry forms, Fun Run medals, banners, fence barriers, signage and invitations. It was amazing seeing our work across the peninsula throughout January.

We have provided graphic design services for this Mornington Peninsula Shire event for consecutive years.


Stylize Your Clutter

Stylize Your Clutter is a Somerville-based business who doesn’t just clean and organise, but makes your home look good!

Karina had started with a logo she created herself, which included a little house and the colours she wanted. But it was very detailed which meant it always had to be quite large when printed or used.

So we brainstormed what it was that made her business unique – and it wasn’t house cleaning. It’s the fact that not only does she help clients sort and tidy their wares, but creates suitable and funky storage solutions for them. This became the feature of her logo.



Skinastute: Website Design

Skinastute provide medical skin care, beauty services and cosmeceuticals on the Mornington Peninsula.

Skinastute approached us with their existing website, which they felt it was time to give it a facelift, as well as update and add to their pages.

The new layout features black & white images throughout, which is in line with their brand of grey and coral pink. They wanted a refined design that reflected their clinic, so whether a client is viewing the website or visiting the clinic, they can feel that they are at the same place.

The website also went through a content and pages overhaul, which meant new sections were added, including a blog. The website was built using WordPress as the backend, which makes it easier for the staff to maintain and add new content to compared to their previous website. We also ran a training session with the ladies to show them how to use their website, which they found very simple to use.

Replenish Mind & Body Therapy: Brand Development

Sharon was starting a new business needing a brand, stationery and a website.

So off to work we went, creating a rustic, warm and homely brand to match the warmth of her treatment rooms and services. She wanted it to have a handwritten feel, and wanted water incorporated into the logo in some way. After doing a brainstorm session on a variety of ways of symbolising water (mostly based around objects), we decided to scrap the objects and just have a water droplet.

A price list and business card were then developed and printed on recycled and textured stock, to continue the brand’s look and feel. A website was also developed, keeping in line with the look and feel, to provide consistent branding across all mediums.