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    Sarah is co-director of Malvolio. She brings her creative skills to the business, and loves concept development in commercial projects, illustration, and working on various self-initiated paper craft projects in her spare time.

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    Metcard ticket designs

    When I was growing up, I found design inspiration in all sorts of odd places. Two of my favourites were postage stamps and transport tickets.

    In the late 90s when ticket machines were introduced, Metcard ticket design changed from a basic ticket to a card…and this opened up a new opportunity for design. I adored collecting the different designs, especially the early food ones (in the top row of the photo below), and the illustrations of the buildings of Melbourne. They’re probably nothing more than a historical reference now…

    Similar to stamps, it’s a small area to make a big impact with. But with Metcards, it was often a card that someone would need to hold onto for a week, or a month. I loved the idea that you could create something for someone to glance at every day. That you could make something that would make someone read, someone smile, someone stop for a moment of their day.

    I always dreamed of getting to design my own ticket, someday. While that didn’t happen (we now have boring credit-card style PTV cards, all with the same design!), it was a good motivator throughout high school and beyond. It reminded me that design is everywhere. And no how big or small the design is, it always has a reason to be there.

    Common Sans

    In my quest for searching for different fonts, I came across this gem: Common Sans.

    It’s as common as it gets – until you realise it’s got a hidden message: every time you type the word “refugee”, it replaces the word with “human”. I would have never imagined a font being used for human rights; it’s a wonderful thing.

    From the Common Sans website: Being a refugee is a temporary status, being a human is permanent. Humans are amazing. A stamp on their passport should not let us believe otherwise. Rewrite, retype, rethink.

    So much love for this.

    Designer Kid


    I relate to this article so much: I Was The “Designer Kid”: 5 Annoying Realities. That was me growing up, I was definitely that annoying artsy kid. I didn’t have the crazy hair, but I was obsessed with drawings in kids books more than the story, made most of my decisions based on the colours of something, and had an art supplies collection that would even put the local art shop to shame.

    I don’t think other kids understood, or even adults for that matter. All I knew was that I wanted to draw forever. As long as I could draw, I would be happy. I wasn’t impressed when my parents told me that I couldn’t make a career of it, but the world has its funny ways and it did happen (not without a lot of hard work, however!).

    I think the only people who “got it” were other art/design kids. Not those who were trying to be, but those who lived and breathed art and design whether they wanted to or not. We’re a weird bunch, we think in colours and shapes and pictures – and I didn’t realise this until my teens when I connected with some pretty amazing creative friends who are on the same wavelength. And I’m okay with being weird…not everyone gets it, and when I was a kid I was definitely left-field, but I love my life full of colour and art supplies.

    I guess the skills I learned growing up have come in handy now (not the annoying people part, the skill in designing and drawing part…I hope, anyway!).

    Colour scheme inspiration: candy stripes

    Bright and sweet, just like candy.


    Colour scheme inspiration: centre earth

    Something a little desert like; a little bit of sun 🙂


    Colour scheme inspiration: cherry basket

    I love muted tones like these. They look beautiful with flecked and recycled papers.


    Colour scheme inspiration: forget-me-not

    A touch of one of my favourite flowers, with brown as a background colour. Brings extra life into the pink and blue.


    Colour scheme inspiration: cool zest

    Bringing you a piece of what the Mornington Peninsula feels like today.


    Colour scheme inspiration: garden party

    A garden party just missing the cupcakes!


    Shop Local on the Mornington Peninsula

    I’ve been seeing the “support local business” photos around a lot lately, and wanted to work out what the real benefit to our local economy on the Mornington Peninsula would be.

    And it’s astounding – according to the Census, 108,940 people 20 years and above live on the Mornington Peninsula, which at $10 per week per person equates to $57,738,200 per year!!!

    So my advice: shop local. It will make more of a difference than you realise.

    0998 MAL Mornington Peninsula Economy