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Illustration is moving to Tiny Viking Co!

We’ve recently been busy on a little (BIG) project – the illustration arm the studio has grown to the point that it needs its own home…so say hello to Tiny Viking Co! This includes a dedicated online store as well:

This means we can focus on graphic design and website design here at Malvolio, and illustration/stationery will be at Tiny Viking Co. So make sure to follow both businesses on social media, as the updates will be quite different.

We LOVE all of the support we get from every one of you, and hope you enjoy this evolution as much as we are excited for the changes!

Milestone cards featured by The Garden

It’s lovely to see our milestone cards featured in a photo from one of our stockists, The Garden. They sell lots of very cute (and useful!) baby goods, and they’re all local! Make sure to go and say hello to the ladies there next time you’re in Frankston.


Baby Shower Invitations

We have a few off-the-shelf invitations, but it’s always fun when someone asks for a custom illustration for their special event.

Emi’s friends were organising a baby shower for her, with games including cupcake decorating. They wanted an illustration of her, rather than baby-related items, and the brief was that it had to include a cupcake somewhere on the invitation.

…and it had a mixture of blue and pink, as it wasn’t known what the baby would be by then!


Commercial illustration: character design

A lot of my illustration time is spent on our stationery line, but sometimes I also get to work on commercial illustration projects, which are just as fun as they are rewarding.

One client I have done quite a lot of illustration for is The Winey Cow, in Mornington. We decided to play on their name, and create a collection of cows who could be dressed up to suit any occasion. These cows venture out onto posters to help promote events at their venue.

It is amazing to create characters, and get to come up with new expressions, outfits and backdrops for them. Hoping to one day do a kids book for the same reason – I adore character design. But in the meantime, these cows are very entertaining and I always have a giggle when a new brief comes through, as I never know how I’ll be dressing them up next. It’s like visiting a costume shop every time, but with pen and paper instead!

twc-03   twc-01

Fitness-inspired wedding illustration

Flashback to an illustration for some wedding invitations we did last year – with a bit of a twist! Alicia and Julian are mad about fitness so we had some fun adding in weights into their illustration. Not usually what you would see on a wedding invitation!


642 Things to Draw

My friends know me well: this was a book I received for my birthday.


Along with a set of beautiful pencils, I can’t wait to get my hands into drawing in this book. It is full of ideas of things to draw, and then space on the page to draw whatever that is – whether it’s a toothbrush or an igloo, everything seems to be in there.

It reminds me of a book I had as a kid which was primarily the same – it had suggestions of what to draw on the page, although I recall it being like Mr. Squiggle – there were starter lines on the page you had to include in the drawing. I loved that book and I’m hoping my Mum still has it around somewhere so I can compare. I’m sure the drawings in it are terrible as I recall having it when I was no more than 7 or 8 years old, but it would be a good trip down memory lane.

New stockist: The Garden, Frankston

We have a new stockist of our stationery range – a beautiful little co-working and business event space in Frankston.

I personally adore The Garden – all of the businesses involved are holistic, wellness based businesses, and all of the products they stock are local and hand-made. So I was quite honoured to be offered space in their store.

They stock a variety of our products, including: greeting cards, letter writing sets, invitations, notebooks and milestone cards.

the garden frankston

MPRG custom illustrations for greeting cards

Being asked to do illustrations for a special event is always exciting, but this request was even more incredible: greeting cards for the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery!

hairy-maclaryBack in 2014, MPRG was hosting a Lynley Dodd exhibition of her illustrations (author and illustrator of well-loved kids book Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy). They approached me, hoping to stock a few of my cards in their gallery store for the exhibition as they loved my animal illustrations – and being local to the gallery was a big bonus.

What eventuated was a new collection of four dog illustrations, drawing inspiration from Hairy Maclary and friends. These illustrations went onto greeting cards, and sold out at the gallery! I was gobsmacked and honoured to fill another order for them.

terrier sausage-dog dalmatian wolfhound

My animal illustrations have been loved over the years by a growing fan base, and I hope to keep adding to the collection!

New stockist: Somerville Florist & Hampers

Very excited to announce that we have a new stockist on board!

Our lovely little florist in Somerville now stocks our hand-illustrated greeting cards. Make sure to go and check them out, and buy some gorgeous flowers while you are there.